Our Turn..


A day for remembering the joy,for all the times they gave us a toy.

For days and years they toil,so that we have choices to be spoiled.

Sure, it hasn’t been any easier for a dad,to care for a baby..oh they do try hard.

Early days are when they had to give up sleep, in future our success brings them joy and at times makes them weep!

Always prepared to go to any length,to make us realise our strengths..

We have all the confidence and freedom, indeed it does reflect on our dad’s words of wisdom.

Go on make them proud and be grateful everyday,for they are the best we’ve got.

Thank you appa ,you are terribly missed…..


P.S: I can hear your chuckle from the vast skies, keep watching over us and I promise you it gets better.


The 20th century survival guide for women in India



The most popular image of the female despite the exigencies of the clothing trade is all boobs and buttocks, a hallucinating sequence of parabolas and bulges. ~Germaine Greer

A recent article in a well-known website had the kindness to list all the things that men ‘think’ our women should follow. According to many this article would have made sense, well congratulations you have passed the ‘imbecile of the year’ test.

I can read your mind, ‘why is this girl talking about all this.. she would be looked upon for having a mind of her own!’.

That’s exactly why they need to be discussed and made clear once for all.The article discusses many aspects on the subject, but as you can guess most of it was about a women’s clothing.

“The dress is short ,not appropriate & avoid showing too much skin!”

It dint stop there, it went on to show how our media was in a frenzy during a certain meeting between two well-known personalities. It also discussed exactly what women should and should not wear on National television. Now where did our basic rights as the ‘weaker sex’ disappear? Not that one could acknowledge it, let alone enjoy them before.

It went on to talk about staying absolutely silent on rather trivial issues like; our rape culture, sexuality and swearing. Agreed, if one speaks about them they attract unwanted attention…oh no, we certainly would not want that upon us. It’s better to stay silent and let things happen, while we quiver under our breaths.

They cleverly mention how our film industry believes in the idea of ‘beggar’s clothing’ and a ‘slutty attitude’ to attract more audience. Funny isnt it? A society that believes all women should dress modestly and behave appropriately, supports the above ideology.

It does get us thinking,  what can we do to get past this? It’s often said,practice begins at home : so one must teach their children about gender equality, with adults treating each other as equals.

It would take years for us to stop naming major cities as ‘rape capital’; but a small effort from all in the right direction is all we need.

Have you faced similar instances in your everyday life ??

Put your thinking caps on…


A Window Of Opportunity For Hackers- How Secure Are Bitcoins?


Crypto-currencies rule the roost in the trading world, especially Bitcoins are a popular  medium of  exchange. Given the increase in the usage of Fin-tech in payment gateways, Bitcoins are preferred over traditional currencies.

Any new technology will have its fair share of detractors doing their best to limit its potential,thus making it difficult for Bitcoins to be a trusted form of legal currency.

Bitcoin has proven to be a contentious issue for regulators and law enforcers, both of which have targeted the digital currency in an attempt to control its use. We are still early on in the game, and many legal authorities are still struggling to understand the technology used by crypto-currency, let alone make laws around it.

Government agencies are increasingly worried about the implications of bitcoin, as it has the ability to be used anonymously, and is therefore a potential instrument for money laundering. In particular, law enforcers seem to be concerned about the decentralized nature of the currency : one of the advantages.

Eg: The concerns arise as Bitcoin was the only form of currency accepted on Silk road an anonymous marketplace that was only accessible over the TOR anonymous browsing network,which was closed by the FBI in October 2013. Silk Road was commonly used to sell goods that are illegal in many countries, including narcotics.

Bitcoins are stored in a “digital wallet,” which exists either in the cloud or on a user’s computer. The wallet is a kind of virtual bank account that allows users to invest or receive bitcoins, pay for goods or save their money in the form of Bitcoins. Unlike bank accounts, bitcoin wallets are not insured by the FDIC Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. This further increases the risk associated with the legality of using crypto-currency, as the loss faced by customers in the case of Silk road incident; the money was not reimbursed. This is a clear drawback in comparison with traditional savings account.

The second issue with digital wallets are that they are  more vulnerable to  attacks and thus need  to  be  encrypted .  Existing  backup facilities  allows  the user  to  retrieve  old  wallet  files  and contents.  The  coin  history  is  traceable  that  leads  to  link  the user  identity  with  the  Bitcoin  address.  Distributed  denials  of service  (DDoS)  attacks  are  potential  threats  for  the  online wallet application, used by Bitcoins.

The issue of ’>50%’ attack is one  of  the  major  threats  for  the  Bitcoin  network that targets  the  mining  process.  This  is  when  any  colluding user or group of users acquires   more than 50% of the computing  power  in  mining  process.  This  user  or  group  can then be able to exclude, modify,  and self-reverse transactions and prevent  some  or  all  ‘mining’  of  valid  blocks  for  their benefit.  Recent  researches  have  shown  that  even  with  about 40%  of  computational  resources,  the  attackers  can  overcome to deep  confirmed transaction  and  that to  with  the  50% success  probability .  One  possible  solution  to  reduce  the harmful  effect  is  to  establish  checkpoints  so  that  the  blocks before checkpoints  cannot  be  altered.  However,  if  this  attack is  successful,  the  attacker  can  launch  other  attacks  as well.

The chaos created in network by such an attack is difficult to handle and some changes done by the attacker  might become permanent. A recent  research  at  Cornell  University  shows that ‘>50%’  attack is feasible since single mining pools in network sometimes control 25%-33% of mining power.

The double spending attack is a serious threat for Bitcoin transactions in which the attacker  successfully makes more than one transaction  using  single  coin  resulting  in the invalidation of the ‘honest’ transaction. This attack is most likely to occur with ‘Fast payment’ mode.  In this attack, an attacker with  coin  A  makes  a  transaction  to  the  receiver  and  at  the same  time  the  transaction  with  the  same  coin  is  made  to another  address  that  might be  in  the  control  of  attacker  or  it may be another receiving node. By varying the timestamp, the fraud  transaction  can  be  made  as  a  real  one.  Since  Bitcoin peers  will  not  accept  multiple  transactions  with  same  input, they will validate the transaction that reaches them first and will  invalidate  all other  transactions. Thus the   original receiver  will  not  be  able  to  confirm  its  transaction.  One possible solution for this attack is to insert  ‘observers’ in the network.

Regulations are a main worry for a potential investor and they vary for every country . One can expect to see national financial regulators interested in the potential of virtual currencies. Countries like China, India, Singapore, E.U member countries, United states are not welcoming the idea of virtual currency practices .International regulations as part of bitcoin trading would make customers feel more safe in investing in bitcoin trading.

There is a lot of misleading information available to potential investors and hackers likewise on the internet, which is a limiting factor to govern the wide network that crypto-currencies enjoy.

Do you think right steps are being taken to make this network more secure, given the increasing popularity ?

Put your thinking caps on…


Picture courtesy: Visual capitalist



First of all, writing a blog has been on my mind for a long time now. Without giving any colourful excuses, I would say I found the right time to start at this point. I would appreciate if all of you read my posts and excuse me if there are any mistakes.

Without further ado,let me begin….

I hail from a modest background ,with parents who believed that only education can give the ultimate power. I would be in denial if I do not accept this reality.

Education is key to make us understand some basic aspects that would make our life easier. However the standards of education differ in various pockets of the world, this does seem like a barrier to get past and join the so called ‘elite class’ in education.

One does see instances through history, where the smartest get past this barrier and follow their dreams. Personally I feel that such barriers help them  face everyday issues in the modern world.

It’s the duty of every parent to teach their kids that one does not stop learning and if they do there would be no room for personal development.

On the same note, how do you think our educators can impart this in our society given our constricted education system?

Put your thinking caps on…