Will you be mine forever? Oh wait, its time for a selfie.


Weddings aren’t what they used to be, the fun and joy of the whole process has evolved.

The present trends have made it a more impersonal occasion (the only one that many get in their life or for the second time if they are lucky :p)

Indian weddings have always been grand..it’s grandiose now. Just the amount of effort that goes for it now, gets us wowed or even concerned.

Let’s make it easier now –

#Post Wedding

Now all of the above involve extended photo shoots. Nothing wrong in recording the memories. A few years down the line, when we get old it takes us down our own memory lane. Living the moment does have its perks at some point, overtaking the need to achieve pixel perfect images. I recently heard that a few are opting a third wheel for their honeymoon, who is that best photographer in town. This is the point where things get icky.

Social media has made it almost impossible for this industry to follow a gentle approach. It’s a big business, which at the end of the day helps many professions. Nothing is going to stop any of them. However, it can be reduced by the end users if they can see this side of the coin.

This is something that was written after a lot of such incidents, but kindled after a (friendly) aunty asked me this at a wedding yesterday…

In Tamizh – ‘Yenn maa nee Facebook/Insta live polaya? Illena ennodatha join pannu.’

Translation – Why haven’t you gone live on Facebook or Instagram yet? If not join my live feed now.

End of today’s rant. 

Until next time,

(Their undying enthusiasm for my life did initiate the age old question, but don’t we all know that’s the tradition when attending someone’s special day. So a tailor made answer for the same was offered in a platter)


Are we turning into well oiled machines?


If you can recollect Kesha’s TIK TOK, ‘wake up in the morning in a pj’;

That’s how it’s turned out to be. Just that it’s not a party, but our work place. One can relate to this instantly given the fast pace life we have been shoved into.

They certainly don’t prepare us for this when we are in school nor at the university level. It’s always been about the rat race.

‘Life is a ball game’ is a well suited phrase. You can take any context out of it. Be it basketball or football. All you need to do is imagine on never laying hands on that ball, but a few chances gone for the toss.
Where are we heading like headless chickens? To the slaughterhouse at the looks of it.

Is this what we are working towards, wasn’t it a good work-life balance; travel to broaden one’s mind and love like there’s no tomorrow?

I can hear some say it’s all how you plan it. Practically if one works for say during the prime hours of a day [a 6 day work week] , some of it goes to preparing for it. The rest is the point where you are absolutely exhausted.
There isn’t space to squeeze in some social time or alone time.

No wonder it’s all about medicines and hospitals when one starts the 30 plus bandwagon. We need to keep replacing our oils to keep at it.

What are your thoughts on this?

Until next time,

What Hidden Figures has taught me..


My take on: Hidden Figures, 2016. IMBD Score

Being late to the party does not mean, one can’t talk about it..right?

A movie that came close to replicate not only the adversities the Afro-American community faced during the period, but also the general treatment women received at the workplace. Not that its too different from our current situation, but we can say we’ve come a long way in terms of workplace culture. Numerous movies have shown the vast differences that existed between races in a democratic structure that was desired by the United States to make it a great nation.

The trouble the community went through is no joke, very similar to the current scenario that’s unreasonable with reference to our Disabled and L.G.B.T communities . The portrayal of 3 Afro-American women, in my perspective looked as if the whole under-represented population was trying to get above the suffocating water. The population I refer to does not stop with just race and gender; it goes on to economic status in our modern societies.

No amount of equality talks can justify the silent fine print that one notices mainly in social situations and work places, for people (who fortunately or unfortunately) belong to the ‘other group’. This does not refer to the happenings in one certain country/continent, its an outlook on practices followed by many all over the world as we speak

Each of the pivotal characters in the movie take up a problem that is at large, a problem for many women at that generation which continues to exist till date. Now, the only difference is that women have realised the only way they get what they want, is to fight for it.

The movie made sure- it did not sugar coat any incidences nor make the movie more dramatic that necessary. This made it a class apart from the rest that tried capturing the essence of this movie. One should also be aware of the tiny details that were given the utmost importance, just to make the audiences get the full picture and not leave the film with a half-baked opinion.

Overall, one can surely get that different perspective on how women from the Afro-American community were treated then, when in comparison with the present. Most importantly the key points that women can follow to achieve their personal checklists at their workplaces.

Have you watched the film yet? If yes, comment on your favourite scene from it. If not, please add it as part of your movie night.


Can you open the window please?


It is that time of the year where figures matter, there’s a lot of money involved along with heated arguments and trust’s broken.

Nope, not talking about the Valentine’s season 😛

The official football winter transfer window is about to close in a week’s time and this is the time when every club supporter gets a lot of popcorn ready in hand.

Premier League clubs are permitted to conduct the purchase and sale of players during the winter and summer transfer windows as the usual practice.Windows were introduced as part of a compromise agreement with the European Commission about how the whole transfer system worked and how it could best preserve contractual stability for both the player and the club while allowing movement at prescribed times during the year.

However, the winter transfer window is a lull period when compared to the summer one as most of the much awaited transfer’s happen during the latter. Nevertheless, this is an exciting time for clubs in acquiring the players that they had targeted in summer.

Football as such is a game that instills community spirit and follows a certain political ideology in practice. This is supposed to be the practice, it is often not when the sport in itself is a huge business for many.

At a time where the spending ability matters more than a track-record of premier league clubs, it is an unspoken rule that there’s too much money involved (I mean A LOT). This is the trend over the last few years, with the calibre of players and the increasing competition involved in E.P.L.

Its already crossed the £1bn mark, making it an expensive bargaining process for clubs at this stage. Certain clubs have now been elevated to the status of being supported by strong companies, so its no more a question of affordability. 

Clubs have adopted to the newer scheme of money transfers and have turned smarter in the way they acquire their choice of players. They are more keen to get the value for money, as it’s become more expensive for a well performing player. This changes with reference to the player’s age, experience, tactical approach in their position and performance at large. It is no less than a fish market kind of approach at this point.

This year saw some interesting transfers with Alexandre Lacazette, Alvaro Morata, Mohamed Salah, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Romelu Lukaku, Wayne Rooney and a few others that are yet to finalise. This raised many eyes and a lot of angry words were exchanged between clubs and its supporters.Player’s loyalties were doubted, managers were under pressure and an uncertainty existed with regard to a player’s future at their club.

But is this all worth it? Performances so far has given a mixed review of the effectiveness of players who have gone on transfers to other clubs. One might argue that they need to be given a time of slack to adjust to the methods of their new home and gain the trust of the supporters. This does make sense at a point, but its huge money power at play at the end of the financial year.

All this looks different in the eyes of a supporter, irrespective of the club they support. They’ve got new slogans to write, new merchandise to order and wait for an exciting match line-up. Sounds simple doesn’t it? It isn’t often. A club’s financial position often depends upon how it attracts players and performs in that certain season. One can see this evidently in the top 5 financially sound clubs at the European level, they have managed to maintain a strong fan base and build their foundation on it. 

So next time when you turn on that exciting Saturday evening or Sunday brunch time match, have a think about this sporting tournament that’s turned into a well channeled business. It makes the game more interesting and keeps your mind occupied while the team of your choice tries to get the ball to the target.

Let me know which team you support and any one exciting transfer that you’ve had in the club’s history according to you!


(This has been the tradition in football for a long time, but its good to get a perspective about the current situation right?)





A quick look into our manuals!


There’s a bit of ruffling, sometimes a bit of clamour and there’s silence for most part of it. They say the mind plays games in order to make us think straight. But, is that the case for a normal woman in their 20’s & 30’s now?

I would disagree having seen the experiences that many people go through, be it an unhappy workplace or a bad relationship or while finding their calling.

So, the mind decides to act quite opposite to what is expected and turns on the ‘let’s make them crazy’ button. Well, I am no psychologist and all this observation is from the limited exposure that I recieve from the society.

The crazy mode is a curious thing, one can’t be prepared for that after having many of such moments before. While you are left on your own to deal with this mess, the people around us have different plans!

They say that an average Indian woman who falls under the above demographics enjoys more freedom than our earlier generation. Give it a hard think, is that the case often?  It’s like a law that glitters on print but is hardly applied/applicable in real life.

So straight out, the people around us train our minds to act accordingly. However, one hardly gets a copy of the ‘manual’ that sorts out the glitches that happen from time to time. This is when the real fun starts with reference to our minds.

They go on an adventure trip that leaves all of us drained and emotionally stunted. The perfect medicine to this would be to wait it out, feed the monster some good food/dessert and relax.

But why would anyone do that?! That’s against the whole concept of controlling a woman’s mind. Instead, lets give it some more fodder to chew and ruminate.By then, all this would have prevented us from getting any rest and eventually our appetites too. Instead of getting depressed, one can get to the point of losing one’s direction and turn into a lifeless robot. This way it gets us to do what’s expected of us, without a tinge of emotion/passion towards that activity.

The easiest solution out there is to not sit and brood over it as one would have much more to worry about. Makes sense right? 

Share your thoughts in the comments below on how you’ve come across similar instances.



Our Turn..


A day for remembering the joy,for all the times they gave us a toy.

For days and years they toil,so that we have choices to be spoiled.

Sure, it hasn’t been any easier for a dad,to care for a baby..oh they do try hard.

Early days are when they had to give up sleep, in future our success brings them joy and at times makes them weep!

Always prepared to go to any length,to make us realise our strengths..

We have all the confidence and freedom, indeed it does reflect on our dad’s words of wisdom.

Go on make them proud and be grateful everyday,for they are the best we’ve got.

Thank you appa ,you are terribly missed…..


P.S: I can hear your chuckle from the vast skies, keep watching over us and I promise you it gets better.

The 20th century survival guide for women in India



The most popular image of the female despite the exigencies of the clothing trade is all boobs and buttocks, a hallucinating sequence of parabolas and bulges. ~Germaine Greer

A recent article in a well-known website had the kindness to list all the things that men ‘think’ our women should follow. According to many this article would have made sense, well congratulations you have passed the ‘imbecile of the year’ test.

I can read your mind, ‘why is this girl talking about all this.. she would be looked upon for having a mind of her own!’.

That’s exactly why they need to be discussed and made clear once for all.The article discusses many aspects on the subject, but as you can guess most of it was about a women’s clothing.

“The dress is short ,not appropriate & avoid showing too much skin!”

It dint stop there, it went on to show how our media was in a frenzy during a certain meeting between two well-known personalities. It also discussed exactly what women should and should not wear on National television. Now where did our basic rights as the ‘weaker sex’ disappear? Not that one could acknowledge it, let alone enjoy them before.

It went on to talk about staying absolutely silent on rather trivial issues like; our rape culture, sexuality and swearing. Agreed, if one speaks about them they attract unwanted attention…oh no, we certainly would not want that upon us. It’s better to stay silent and let things happen, while we quiver under our breaths.

They cleverly mention how our film industry believes in the idea of ‘beggar’s clothing’ and a ‘slutty attitude’ to attract more audience. Funny isnt it? A society that believes all women should dress modestly and behave appropriately, supports the above ideology.

It does get us thinking,  what can we do to get past this? It’s often said,practice begins at home : so one must teach their children about gender equality, with adults treating each other as equals.

It would take years for us to stop naming major cities as ‘rape capital’; but a small effort from all in the right direction is all we need.

Have you faced similar instances in your everyday life ??

Put your thinking caps on…